Mar de la China Oriental | notas


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  2. «On the South. The Northern limit of the South China Sea (49), thence from Santyo the Northeastern point of Formosa to the West point of Yonakuni Island and thence to Haderuma Sima (24°03'N, 123°47'E).
    On the East. From Haderuma Sima a line including the Miyako Retto to the East point of Miyako Sima and thence to Okinan Kaku, the Southern extremity of Okinawa Sima, through this island to Ada-Ko Sima (Sidmouth Island) on to the East point of Kikai Sima (28°20' N) through Tanegra Sima (30°30'N) to the North point thereof and on to Hi-Saki (31°17'N) in Kyusyu.
    On the North. From Noma Saki (32°35'N) in Kyusyu to the South point of Hukae Sima (Gato Retto) and on through this island to Ose Saki (Cape Goto) and to Hunan Kan, the South point of Saisyu To (Quelpart), through this island to its Western extreme and thence along the parallel of 33°17' North to the mainland.
    On the Oest. The mainland of China.».
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