Milly Quezada | discography


Four decades in the musical industry including 31 records sponsored by various recording labels finds the "Queen of Merengue" producing album No. 32 featuring various artists and tapping into the cultural wealth of Dominican talents, producers, arrangers and featured artists. Among featured songs available through various digital platforms in internet are: “Que Tiene Ella,” written and arranged by Ramon Orlando; "Mejor que a ti Me Va" written by Juan Carlos Rodriguez of Tercer Cielo, arranged by Ramon Orlando; "Que Lluevan Corazones," written by Milly's son, Anthony Vasquez, arranged by Janina Rosado; "La Pimienta es la que Pica" feat. Maridalia Hernandez and Fefita la Grande, arranged by Jochy Sanchez; scheduled for early 2019 radio airing is an interesting bolero duet with Gilberto Santa Rosa, "Rutina" also arranged by Jochy Sanchez. Currently airing nationally is the song, "De Colores" featuring Vladimir Dotel of the Urban Group, Ilegales; written by Chris Hierro and arranged by Antonio Gonzalez with its online YouTube video rapidly closing in to the one million views. This untitled album as of yet promises to showcase the true colors of all that is pure Dominican flavor talent and "Criollo" identification through its red, white and blue colors of its musical flag!

Milly y los Vecinos

  • 1976 Esta es Milly con los Vecinos (This is Milly with los Vecinos)
  • 1977 La gente de hoy (Today's People)
  • 1978 Pa' Dominicana (To Dominican Republic)
  • 1979 Milly en Boleros (Milly into Boleros)
  • 1980 Los Vecinos en su momento (The Vecinos at Their Best Moment)
  • 1981 Fiesta Con Los Vecinos (Party with Los Vecinos)
  • 1982 Acabando (Kicking Some)
  • 1983 Nostalgia (Nostalgia)
  • 1983 Milly en Salsa (Milly into Salsa, alongside Luis "Perico" Ortiz)
  • 1983 Avant Garde (Avant Garde)
  • 1984 Esta Noche, Los Vecinos (Tonight, Los Vecinos!)
  • 1985 Dinastía
  • 1986 Special Delivery
  • 1987 Etiqueta Negra (Black Tie Affair)
  • 1988 Por Supuesto (Of Course)
  • 1989 Ahora Es (Now's the Time)
  • 1990 7+1= Vecinos
  • 1991 Flying Solo
  • 1993 Celebrando (Celebrating)
  • 1995 Lo Mejor de Milly y los Vecinos (The Best of Milly y los Vecinos, a remix)
  • 1995 En tus manos (In Your Hands)

As a solo singer

Quezada has recorded many solo albums, receiving a Latin Grammy for Pienso asi, MQ and Aquí Estoy Yo.

  • 1997 Hasta siempre (Forever)
  • 1998 Vive (Live)
  • 2000 Tesoros de Mi Tierra (Treasures From My Land). Her first experience singing bachata.
  • 2001 Milly, éxitos y más (Hits and More...)
  • 2002 Pienso así... (This Is How I Think)
  • 2005 MQ A reference to her name initials.
  • 2015 Solo Boleros La Milly una noche (Just Boleros Milly, one Night)
  • 2016 Sólo Faltas Tú (You're The Only One Missing)
  • 2016 Aquí estoy yo (Here I Am)
  • 2019 Milly & Company[2]