Wikipedia:User categories

A user category is a type of category—a grouping of related pages intended as a tool for navigation[1][2]—that contains the user pages of Wikipedia users. The technical function of a user category, therefore, is to group the user pages of Wikipedia users who share one or more relevant characteristics. Given this technical function, and considering the principle that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and not a social networking site,[3] the purpose of user categories is to aid in facilitating coordination and collaboration between users for the improvement and development of the encyclopedia.[4][5]

In addition, as with all categories,[2][4] user categories should not be used as "bottom-of-the-page" notices. If a Wikipedian wishes to have such a notice, they may edit their user page and add the notice in some other way (such as by adding text or a userbox) instead of creating a category group.

Naming conventions

See also: Wikipedia:Category names
  • Names and descriptions of user categories are subject to the same rules and restrictions as userbox content.
  • The name of a category should be clear about its scope and purpose and should generally follow the naming convention of fellow members of a parent category. See Category:Wikipedians by interest for an example.
  • A user category should have an indication it is a user category. "Indications" include, but are not limited to: "Wikipedians", "WikiProject", or a name of a Wikipedia-specific organization or grouping. For example, Category:Wikipedian mathematicians, not Category:Mathematicians. Babel-specific user categories are an exception to this, and instead should follow that convention by having the same name as the Babel-specific userbox, i.e. Category:User (language code)[(-level)]. A category that complies with this point is Category:User ar-3, for level-3 speakers of Arabic.
  • If in the userbox content, the verb (see Wikipedia:Userboxes#Content) is one of preference (enjoys, likes, loves, etc.), replace it with a more specific verb when selecting the category name. For example, "This user enjoys J. R. R. Tolkien" could be categorised as Category:Wikipedians who read J. R. R. Tolkien.