Virgen del Valle

  • la virgen del valle
    virgin of the valley
    virgen del valle.jpg
    virgen del valle
    patroness of margarita island
    venerated incatholic church (latin church)
    major shrinebasilica of our lady of el valle
    feast8 september
    attributesblessed virgin mary
    patronagemargarita island
    holiday celebrated in the virgin of the valley day (el valle, nueva esparta, venezuela).

    the virgin of the valley (spanish:virgen del valle or nuestra señora del valle) is a roman catholic title of the blessed virgin mary venerated in margarita island, venezuela[1] and catamarca, argentina.[2]

    in venezuela, the virgin is the patroness of eastern venezuela, and her feast day is held on 8 september in her sanctuary in margarita valley near porlamar.

    pope leo xiii granted a canonical coronation towards the argentinian image on 12 april 1891 while pope pius x crowned the venezuelan image on 8 september 1911.

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La Virgen del Valle
Virgin of the Valley
Virgen del Valle.JPG
Virgen del Valle
Patroness of Margarita Island
Venerated inCatholic Church (Latin Church)
Major shrineBasilica of Our Lady of El Valle
Feast8 September
AttributesBlessed Virgin Mary
PatronageMargarita Island
Holiday celebrated in the Virgin of the Valley day (El Valle, Nueva Esparta, Venezuela).

The Virgin of the Valley (Spanish:Virgen del Valle or Nuestra Señora del Valle) is a Roman Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary venerated in Margarita Island, Venezuela[1] and Catamarca, Argentina.[2]

In Venezuela, the Virgin is the Patroness of Eastern Venezuela, and her feast day is held on 8 September in her sanctuary in Margarita Valley near Porlamar.

Pope Leo XIII granted a Canonical coronation towards the Argentinian image on 12 April 1891 while Pope Pius X crowned the Venezuelan image on 8 September 1911.