Timeline of Hindu texts

A page from the Atharvaveda hymns, which are estimated to have been compiled between 1200 - 1000 BC

Hindu scriptures are classified into two parts: shruti or śruti, meaning what has been heard and smriti, or smṛti, meaning what has been retained or remembered. The Vedas are classified under śruti.

The following list provides a somewhat common set of reconstructed dates for the terminus ante quem of Hindu texts, by title or genre. All dates here given ought to be regarded as roughly approximate, subject to further revision, and generally as relying for their validity on highly inferential methods and standards of evidence. It is also notable that Hinduism largely followed an oral tradition to pass on knowledge, for which there is no record of historical dates; hence, the below dates are to be considered as to when written records of these texts were found, and not necessarily when they originated.

Samhita, Brahmana layers of the Vedas

The early Upanishads were composed over 900 - 300 BCE.[2][3]