Terrorist training camp

A terrorist training camp is a facility established to train individuals in the ways of terrorism, often without the consent of the trainees.[citation needed] By teaching them the methods and tactics of terrorism, those conducting such facilities aim to create an "army" of individuals who will do their bidding. They are often located in, but not confined to, regions where it is intended that acts of terrorism will be carried out, or in traditional areas of extremism, such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.[1][2] Wide-open spaces such as parks[3] and wilderness areas[4] are common sites for these camps.

Despite the destruction of many jihadist training facilities, numerous camps are known to still exist. Terrorist groups like the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Al Nusra Front (ANF) continue to provide these facilities. Camps usually include basic physical fitness training, progression to weapons training and armed assault techniques and potentially instruction in bomb making. Individuals in these camps will also be given guidance to help them avoid coming to the attention of the authorities, and on communicating securely. In most cases, these camps take place in parts of the world which are far from safe, such as Syria, Iraq and Somalia and spending time there will involve physical hardship and danger. The trainee will have to satisfy those providing the training of their commitment and loyalty.[5]


Most camps are located in the Middle East, with the most infamous in Syria and the Arabian peninsula.[citation needed] Many camps are located in regions of conflict. The call to jihad has seen many Muslims enter such camps, followed by US drone strikes.[citation needed]

Abu Hamza al-Masri was indicted in a conspiracy to attempt to establish a "terrorist training camp" in late 1999 and early 2000 with Taliban supporter Earnest James Ujaama who traveled to Bly, Oregon, with a dozen men from his Seattle house of worship. Ujaama is a US citizen who had met Abu Hamza in England in 1999 and was indicted in the US for providing aid to al-Qaeda, attempting to establish a terrorist training camp, and for running a website advocating global jihad.[6][7] The FBI has confirmed some reports Jamaat ul-Fuqra headquartered at the “Islamberg” community in upstate New York was training members in isolated communes across America and Canada.[8][9]

In Amalia, New Mexico in the United States of America, in the summer of 2018 on a remote site with a small camping trailer within a surrounding wall of car tires, 5 adults, 11 hungry children (ages 1 to 15), and later a dead child, were found. Court documents stated the children had been trained for shootings at schools.[10][9] Federal terrorism, kidnapping, and firearms charges were brought against five adults in March 2019.[11]