Creatures and Protector
Prajapati is the lord of creatures
Other namesSvayambhu, Vedanatha
AffiliationForm of Brahma
MantraOm Brahmaaya Namah
SymbolJapmala, Lotus, Sankha
MountSwan (Hamsa)
Personal information
ConsortSavitri (form of Saraswati)

Prajapati (IAST: Prajāpati-Rajjan or Rajanya, "lord of creation and protector") is a Vedic deity of Hinduism.[1][2][3] The term also connotes many different gods, depending on the Hindu text, ranging from being the creator god to being same as one of the following: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Agni, Indra, Vishvakarma, Bharata, Kapila and many others.[1] According to George Williams, the inconsistent, varying and evolving Prajapati concept in Hindu mythology reflects the diverse Hindu cosmology.[2] In classical and medieval era literature, Prajapati is equated to the metaphysical concept called Brahman as Prajapati-Brahman (Svayambhu Brahman), or alternatively Brahman is described as one who existed before Prajapati.[4]


Prajapati (Sanskrit: प्रजापति) is a compound of "praja" (creation, procreative powers) and "pati" (lord, master).[5] The term means "lord of creatures",[1][2] or "lord of all born beings".[6] In the later Vedic texts, Prajapati is a distinct Vedic deity, but whose significance diminishes.[2] Later, the term is synonymous with other gods, particularly Brahma or Vishnu or Shiva.[1][3] Still later, the term evolves to mean any divine, semi-divine or human sages who create something new.[1][2][7]