Posting system (KBO)

A Korean man wearing a grey Los Angeles baseball uniform Throwing a ball.
Hyun-jin Ryu was the first KBO player to enter MLB via the posting system.

The posting system is a baseball player transfer system that operates between South Korea's Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) and the United States' Major League Baseball (MLB). The system is based on the original posting system that was put in place between MLB and Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball in 1998.

Under this system, when a KBO player is "posted", MLB holds a four-day-long silent auction during which MLB teams can submit sealed bids in an attempt to win the exclusive rights to negotiate with the player for a period of 30 days. If the KBO team accepts the winning bid, then the player is free to negotiate with the highest-bidding MLB team. If the MLB team and the KBO player agree on contract terms before the 30-day period has expired, the KBO team receives the bid amount as a transfer fee, and the player is free to play in MLB. If the KBO team rejects the winning bid or if the MLB team cannot come to a contract agreement with the posted player, then no fee is paid, and the player's rights revert to his KBO team.

Up to the end of the 2014–15 posting period, eight KBO players had been posted using the system. Of these, two signed Major League contracts immediately, one signed a minor league contract, four bids were rejected by KBO teams, and one could not come to a contract agreement during the 30-day negotiation period. The three players that have been acquired by MLB teams through the posting system are Hyun-jin Ryu, Jung-ho Kang, and Byung-ho Park.

Past postings

Of the 15 South Korean-born players who have played in MLB,[1] three have entered the league using the posting system.

Successful postings
Player Posting date KBO team MLB team Winning bid Date of contract
MLB contract Notes
Choi Hyang-namP January 22, 2009 Lotte Giants St. Louis Cardinals $101 $0Minor league contract [2]
Ryu Hyun-jinP November 1, 2012 Hanwha Eagles Los Angeles Dodgers $25,737,737.33 December 9, 2012 $6,000,0006 year, $36 million [3]
Kang Jung-ho December 15, 2014 Nexen Heroes Pittsburgh Pirates $5,002,015 January 16, 2015 $2,750,0004 year, $11 million [4]
Park Byung-ho November 9, 2015 Nexen Heroes Minnesota Twins $12,850,000 December 1, 2015 $3,000,0004 year, $12 million [5][6]
^P This player is a pitcher.
Unsuccessful postings
Player Posting date KBO team Result Notes
Lee Sang-hoonP 1998 LG Twins The LG Twins rejected the winning MLB team's highest bid of $600,000. [7]
Jin Pil-jungP December 2002 LG Twins The LG Twins rejected the winning MLB team's highest bid of $25,000. [8]
Lim Chang-yongP December 2002 Samsung Lions The Samsung Lions rejected the winning MLB team's highest bid of $650,000. [9]
Kim Kwang-hyunP November 4, 2014 SK Wyverns The San Diego Padres were awarded exclusive negotiating rights on November 11, 2014, after bidding $2 million. Contract negotiations ended without an agreement and Kim returned to the Wyverns. [10][11]
Yang Hyeon-jongP November 17, 2014 Kia Tigers The Kia Tigers rejected the winning MLB team's highest bid. It was reported that the Minnesota Twins or the Texas Rangers were possibly the highest bidders with a bid estimated at $1.5 million, though the exact details were never disclosed. [12]
^P This player is a pitcher.