Mr. Peters' Connections

Mr. Peters' Connections is a play by Arthur Miller. The title character is a former Pan Am pilot who worked for the airline in its glory days. He recalls flying into a thousand sunsets and bedding eighteen Rockettes in a month, eventually marrying one of them. Now he is an aging, befuddled man lost in a world he no longer understands.


The serio-comic fantasy is set in an abandoned, dilapidated night club his wife Charlotte is encouraging him to buy. Peters' only interest in the place stems from its location near a shoe store that carries the extra narrow size he requires. Present are a homeless squatter named Adele (who acts as an occasional commentator) and Calvin, the owner of the property. Joining them are Larry, the shoe store proprietor who is searching for his missing wife Cathy Mae, two New Age emissaries - a young pregnant girl named Rose (who might be Peters' long-lost daughter) and her musician-composer friend Leonard, and Charlotte. The CurtainUp reviewer noted the "Pinteresque dialogue."[1]

Miller, in a preface to the play, wrote that the set "should look like whatever the reader or producer imagines as a space where the living and dead may meet."[2]