Carlo Gozzi

Portrait of Carlo Gozzi

Carlo, Count Gozzi (Italian: [ˈkarlo ˈɡɔddzi]; 13 December 1720 – 4 April 1806)[1] was an Italian playwright and champion of Commedia dell'arte.[2]

Early life

Gozzi was born and died in Venice;[3] he came from a family of minor Venetian aristocracy,[4] the Tiepolos.[5] At a young age, his parents were no longer able to support him financially, so he joined the army in Dalmatia.[6] Three years later, he had returned to Venice and joined the Granelleschi Society.[7] This society was dedicated to the pursuit of preservation of Tuscan literature from the influence of foreign culture; it was particularly interested in saving traditional Italian comedy such as Commedia dell'arte.[8]