Archi (Hindu goddess)

Vishnu and Lakshmi

Archi (Sanskrit: अर्ची, Arcī, lit. "adored") was an ideal queen and an avatar of Lakshmi in Hindu mythology.[1] According to Bhagavata Purana[2], Archi is emerged from Vena's body, along with her husband, maharaja Prithu (avatar, incarnation of the preserver god-Vishnu) and considered as an avatar of the wealth goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu.

As consort, she followed her husband into the forest for Sannyasa. Finally, she went Sati on his funeral pyre:

the Queen executed the necessary funerary functions and offered oblations of water. After bathing in the river, she offered obeisances to various demigods situated in the sky in the different planetary systems. She then circumambulated the fire and, while thinking of the lotus feet of her husband, entered its flames.

— Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (Bhāgavata Purāṇa) (Canto 4, Chapter 23, verse 22)

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